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Cosmetic Dentistry serving Greensboro, NC

Dr. Martinez and staff are excited to welcome Dr. Hunter Dawson, Prosthodontist, to our practice!

Meet Dr. Martinez

Learn more about Dr. Martinez and his commitment to the highest standards of dentistry.

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What is “Prosthodontics”

A specialty dedicated to optimal form and function… for any dental challenge.

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The Support Dentists Depend On

Dr. Martinez is a resource for dentists, extending their capabilities when needed.

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Regain What You’ve Lost!

Replacing missing teeth can help restore your confidence, lifestyle and healthy diet.

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Every Smile Deserves Optimal Appearance and Function.
Get the dedication, capabilities and skill dentists trust.
There is no overstating the importance — the value — of a healthy and attractive smile. Confidence. Self-esteem. A healthy diet. A high quality of life. A smile is so vital, in fact, that its natural appearance and good function are most certainly worth preserving… and restoring. And your smile is deserving of top-quality, long-lasting, natural-looking results regardless of the challenges or complexities.

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of improving the appearance of your teeth. It can encompass many different procedures ranging from dental crowns to teeth whitening. If you’re looking to beautify your smile, stop in to see Greensboro, NC’s trusted cosmetic dentist. Dr. Ed Martinez has been providing people all over the Greensboro area with brighter, fuller smiles. Call today to set up a consultation.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can be used to strengthen damaged teeth as well as improve appearance, shape, and alignment. Crowns can be used with dental implants to provide structure. Our office provides dental crowns and other cosmetic procedures to provide you with the fullest, brightest smile possible.

Dental Implants

If you have any missing or damaged teeth, dental implants may be right for you. As today’s most durable solution for missing teeth, implants can help restore any smile to a healthy and beautiful smile. As an implant dentist, Ed Martinez, DDS has helped people all over Greensboro, NC realize the benefits of dental implants. Call today for a consultation.

And More!

As a prosthodontist, Ed Martinez, DDS, MS, has the specialty training and advanced capabilities to create your beautiful smile, whether your needs are minor or considerable. And because your smile deserves it, he and his team are focused on and committed to the smallest details, the best possible results and your optimal health. All with the attention, warmth and personal commitment they would give their own family members.

A highly trained and experienced prosthodontic specialist, Dr. Martinez is also an important resource for dentists for cases that require specialized capabilities, pose significant challenges or require the careful management of a team of specialists. Dentists in and around Greensboro have come to trust not just Dr. Martinez’ advanced qualifications and comprehensive approach but his unique level of attention, compassion and dedication to doing what’s right.